BRICA Founding Members


China Federation of Industrial Economics(CFIE) China china
Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong)(CGCC) Hong Kong ,China

Southeast Asia

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia

South Asia

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry(FICCI) India India
Board of Investment (Under the Prime Minister’s Office of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan)(BOI) Pakistan Pakistan

Central and Western Asia

Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(GCCI) Georgia Georgia
Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries(ICCCI) Iran Iran
Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan(CICK) Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Mongolian Economic Cooperation Confederation(MECC) Mongolia Mongolia
Turkish Industry and Business Association(TÜSİAD) Turkey Turkey

Middle East and Africa

Egyptian Businessmen’s Association(EBA) Egypt Egypt
Jordanian Businessmen’s Association Jordan Jordan

Central and Eastern Europe

Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship of Belarus(RCEB) Belarus Belarus
Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic(SPCR) Czech Czech
Latvia Chamber of Commerce and Industry(LCCI) Latvia Latvia
Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists(LPK) Lithuania Lithuania
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania(CCIR) Romania Romania
All Russia Public Organization(Business Russia) Russia Russia
Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs(ULIE) Ukraine Ukraine

Latin America

Brazilian National Confederation of Industry(CNI) Brazil Brazil


Comité France-Chine(CFC) France France
Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) France France
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce(HCC) Germany Germany
Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion(NCH) Netherlands Netherlands
Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) Denmark Denmark


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